Careers - Kaching

Careers - Kaching

Kaching operates at the intersection of social-commerce, online-to-offline, rewards, influencers, brick & mortar, MarTech and are backed by India's most recognisable founders and angels.

Word of mouth is the holy grail of business. We figured out how to quantify it. It's the largest untapped opportunity in all of marketing, and unlocking its power for stores will be transformational.

Join us! The pay's great, timings are flex, most roles are remote/wfh friendly, our ESOPs are generous, and your work will be deeply impactful to the people we're building for.

Please refer to our Values page prior to applying to see if Kaching fits your vibe.

Roles (Full Time)

β†’ Sales

We sell a straightforward tool that helps stores get more customers. 90% of merchants we've spoken to need very little additional pitching to get convinced. We're also stupidly merchant centric and make it almost impossible for someone to decline our proposal. This role is less about how convincing you are, and more about how effectively you can close the loop on prospective merchants.

Head Of Sales
Sales Executive

β†’ Growth (New Markets)

Our model is geography agnostic. What works in Madras, works in Marathahalli, and works in Madrid. We're built to go global from Day 0.

Growth Executive (New Markets)

β†’ Product

We've a bunch of mega cool ancillary verticals + products in store. As our first PM, you'll have a ton of freedom & direct say on what we launch.

(We're also brewing a secret superpower. Write in to find out)

Product Manager

β†’ B2B Marketing Executives [This role has been filled]

Yes we are a marketing-tech company. Yes we need marketing. Our TG is F&B & retail store owners. If you have innovative (and affordable) ways to reach them, we can work together. Also, checkout

β†’ Click Here To Apply (2 mins) β†’ This role is open to agencies too.

β†’ B2C Marketing Executives [Brand and Influencer Marketing]

1-2 years of experience in the B2C marketing field with experience focus on brand strategy and influencer campaigns. We partner with the coolest D2C apps, brands and services by engaging them with our network of influencers pan-India - This role primarily revolves around:

Β· Brand strategy and positioning

Β· Community building and engaging Β· Managing and ideation of influencer campaign strategy and content for our partner brands. β†’ Click Here To Apply (2 mins) β†’ Remote, Full-time exec role.

Roles (Internships)

Our internships pay like really well. + We'll give you company swag, Swiggy Vouchers, an internship certificate, letter of completion, and send a voice note at midnight to your HOD telling them how well you performed.

β†’ Business Development (Sales)

  • Experience with CRM tools [Can be learnt in a weekend].
  • Prior delegation experience (in school/college) is a big plus.
  • Very good written & oral English + basic math.
  • Fundamentally organised, driven, and a self starter attitude.
  • Results oriented. Enjoys hitting targets.

β†’ Customer Success - Influencers

  • Very good written & oral English.
  • Fundamentally organised and driven, with a self starter attitude.
  • Interest in building a network of influencers & key opinion leaders [we’re at 6,000+ today]
  • Experience with Market Research tools [Can be learnt in a weekend].